June 27, 2014

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June 27, 2014

Thanks everybody for the sold out tour.

June 7, 2014
Back in Australia!

First night: Three standing ovations!!! Four encores and one huge love in. Beautiful people,  Melanie has returned to OZ!!!!!

June 6, 2014
Love from Oz
2014 Upcoming Shows

DATEEVENTSat, Jun 7Adelaide Cabaret Festival, SADunstan Playhouse, Adelaide, AustraliaSun, Jun 8Adelaide Cabaret Festival, SADunstan Playhouse, Adelaide, AustraliaMon, Jun 9Adelaide Cabaret Festival, SADunstan Playhouse, Adelaide, AustraliaThu, Jun 12MelanieBrisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane, QldSat, Jun 14MelanieStar Court Theatre, Lismore, NSWTue, Jun 17MelanieThe Clarendon, Katoomba, NSWWed, Jun 18Melanie - SOLD OUTThe Clarendon, Katoomba, NSWFri, Jun 20MelanieEnmore Theatre, Sydney, NSWSun, Jun 22MelanieLizotte’s, New Castle, NSWMon, Jun 23Melanie - SOLD OUTLizotte’s, Kincumber, NSWTue, Jun 24MelanieLizotte’s, Kincumber, NSWThu, Jun 26MelanieMelbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne, VicThu, Sep 25 @ 7:30 PMMelanieMechanics Hall, Worcester, MAFri, Sep 26 @ 8:00 PMMelanieJonathan’s Music Hall, Ogunquit, MESat, Sep 27 @ 8:00 PMMelanieShalin Lui Music Hall, Rockport, MAThu, Dec 4MelanieNatick Center for the Arts, Natick, MAFri, Dec 5MelanieTupelo Music Hall, Londonderry, NHSat, Dec 6MelanieFairfield Theatre, Fairfield, CT

Love from Oz

2014 Upcoming Shows

DATEEVENTSat, Jun 7Adelaide Cabaret Festival, SADunstan PlayhouseAdelaideAustraliaSun, Jun 8Adelaide Cabaret Festival, SADunstan PlayhouseAdelaideAustraliaMon, Jun 9Adelaide Cabaret Festival, SADunstan PlayhouseAdelaideAustraliaThu, Jun 12MelanieBrisbane PowerhouseBrisbaneQldSat, Jun 14MelanieStar Court TheatreLismoreNSWTue, Jun 17MelanieThe ClarendonKatoombaNSWWed, Jun 18Melanie - SOLD OUTThe ClarendonKatoombaNSWFri, Jun 20MelanieEnmore TheatreSydneyNSWSun, Jun 22MelanieLizotte’sNew CastleNSWMon, Jun 23Melanie - SOLD OUTLizotte’sKincumberNSWTue, Jun 24MelanieLizotte’sKincumberNSWThu, Jun 26MelanieMelbourne Recital CentreMelbourneVicThu, Sep 25 @ 7:30 PMMelanieMechanics HallWorcesterMAFri, Sep 26 @ 8:00 PMMelanieJonathan’s Music HallOgunquitMESat, Sep 27 @ 8:00 PMMelanieShalin Lui Music HallRockportMAThu, Dec 4MelanieNatick Center for the ArtsNatickMAFri, Dec 5MelanieTupelo Music HallLondonderryNHSat, Dec 6MelanieFairfield TheatreFairfieldCT

May 28, 2014

Every now and then on a Monday Melanie will answer your questions on Twitter .

#MelanieMonday May 26 2014 Q&A

May 26, 2014 at 4:13pm
  •  In 1966 I heard you sing a song that began “Lord help this one, someone stole my soul.” Did you write it?

Melanie:  ” God help! Policeman! Someone stole my soul.”  Yes I wrote that. Wouldn’t have remembered unless you did. Thank you for that and where did you hear it and how do I get a copy?

  •  Are you planning on coming to Philly soon to do a venue ?

Melanie: I’d like to.

  •  What can we look forward to as your next iTunes single release? Hmmm? Maybe People in the Front Row? Love the new rockin’ interpretation!

Melanie:  Do you think it’s rock? It’s the way it always sounded to me in my head.

  •  When is Melanie ever coming back to California?

Melanie:  When it goes into the sea with me in it.  No plans so far.   

  •  Are Beau or Jeordie in relationships?

Melanie:  Jeordie not one I recognize.  Beau no, he is looking for an organic farmer lady.      

  •   What is the “Place of Honor” for your Beautiful Emmy ? Is Emmy going to Oz?

Melanie:  It’s on my pretend fireplace mantle in my living room. Maybe next time, I need to have a special case made for her.

  •  How come Madrugada is not available as Digital Download  in USA?

Melanie:  I should know this stuff, maybe someone out there knows…

  •   I have a question well a few lol.. how many awards have you won? and what are they? And when did ya win them and what are they for?

Melanie:  Various awards, but most important to me is the Honorary Ambassador of Peace in South- Korea.

  •  Melanie….How about a duet with Conchita Wurst??

Melanie:  Why?

  • The Actress: 1974, prophecy or self-portrait?

Melanie:  A bit of both. It always amazes me how prophetic my young girl’s song were.

  • Saw the bracelet w/ “Make it work for me” on a friend’s pic. How/where can I get one? Michigan was too far. #MelanieMonday

Melanie:  Lauren might be persuaded.

  • There is an old,(very old) story of rather dubious origin that the hit version of ‘Candles In The Rain’ was so heavily doctored by your producer that you never liked it. The story is that you wrote ‘Look What They’ve Done’ as a response. …. true?…part true?…Lies?…Damn lies?

Melanie:  Was a response to a production of some obscure song,  but it was not ‘Candles In The Rain’, I loved it during it’s spontaneous creation. Not doctored at all. There weren’t doctoring tools yet.

  • Will you be doing any concerts in or around New York in August ?

Melanie:  Don’t know

  • Make It Work For Me is an amazing song and my mantra. What was your inspiration? Thanks for all the joy you give. love, lcat

Melanie:  Thank you, several episodes of not having it go the way I would have liked

  • You tweeted: ‘I was inspired. It came out in one whoosh of passion and connection to the muse of all creation ’. Was it Lay Down?

Melanie:  Several songs fit that bill.

  • I would like to ask Melanie, what it was like to not really be a hippy like the rest, how did she bypass all the drugs and chaos, all the free love? And did she ever meet and greet with Janis?

Melanie:  It was the same as being a person not like the rest. Janis and I were together in the ‘Eighth wonder’ in New York and I was too shy to say a word but ~ we both knew each other were there. I watched her leave alone and hail a cab

  • I don’t tweet, but if I did, I’d ask, “So Melanie, do you have a favorite memory of playing here in LA?”. (How’s that for subtle?)

Melanie:  Yeah. Meeting you!

  • I just tweeted my question: “What’s the real name of the song Ray & Miley covered — What Have They Done, Look What They’ve Done, or Look What They Done?”

Melanie:  I call it ‘Look Ma’.  The owners of every piece of it including my writers royalties probably don’t know either.

  • When are you coming back to the cutting room  i’ll watch your car again pleaseeeeeeeee lol luv u melanie .that was the best nite of my life .now woodstock in aug .andree and i are going to sing lay down rite on the site of the concert .

Melanie:  No immediate plans for the Cutting Room, love it though. I’m not sure about Woodstock in August, maybe the 46th or the 47th. I never get why people get so obsessed with the 10’s and the 5’s, oooh, the 47th anniversary of Woodstock is coming  in just two years. You believe?! 


May 8, 2014
Melanie’s Emmy Edition. Read all about it! kNewsletter May 2014

In 89 when 80’s music was waning and succumbing to the federation take over and no one seemed to care,I won an Emmy.

April 10, 2014
Horny Organic Farmer Lady Shuffle

'You can put your light in my darkness

Any old time you want’

Unreleased treasure that was asked for in the Q&A for Melanie Monday on Twitter


April 9, 2014

one look in a mirror 
and you will forever be 
more in a mirror
than in the moment

April 4, 2014

I look across to the waterline

the shore ~ trees

then sky

knowing full well

there’s more

when will I see the rest

March 22, 2014
Melanie Monday Q & A on Twitter

Melanie Monday is actually gonna be on Monday. Ask away.

@melaniesafka (on Twitter)